Agito Nell

Игра - Agito - 8022942

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Информация об изделии

  • Название

    Agito Nell

  • Артикул # 8022942
  • Артикул # (старый) 144506GRBM
  • Возраст 5-12
  • Цена Связаться с HAGS

Техническая информация

  • Время сборки 54 часы
  • Длина 7600 mm
  • Ширина 7300 mm
  • Высота 3080 mm
  • Вес 1448.225 kg
  • Объем 7.75 m³
  • Высота возможного падения 2800 mm
  • Ширина зоны безопасности 11000 mm
  • Длина зоны безопасности 11100 mm
  • Safety Area 80 m²
  • Способ установки Loose Fill
  • Узнать больше о способе крепления



Material kg %
Aluminium 0.0143 0
Polyurethane solid (PUR) 0.0938 0.01
Zink (electro-galvanised) 0.2487 0.01
Rubber 4.773 0.27
Cardboard 6.7 0.38
Stainless steel 4.0308 0.23
Polyamide (PA) 1.6729 0.1
Polyurethane foam/flex 2.3 0.13
Cast iron 6.49 0.37
Recycled thermoplastics 15.515 0.88
Plywood 4 0.28
Zink (hot-galvanised) 8.2722 0.47
HPL 44.9955 2.56
Polyethylene (PE) 68.0196 3.87
Concrete 196 11.16
Untreated Steel 1383.57 78.76
Stainless steel EN 1.4301 1.328 0.08
Powder coating polyester 12.6724 0.72
  1760.7 kg 100%

Игровые функции

  • AG Punch
    AG Punch

    AG Punch
    The punch bag encourages exercise in a gentle, yet tough way; the slightly soft material is pleasant to hit. It hangs on a wire, the top of which has some flexibility while the bottom is fixed. The punch bag moves when hit, but be aware that it also returns to its original position due to resistance. If you are not prepared, you may get a shove.

  • AG Starter
    AG Starter

    AG Starter
    The skateboard-inspired board is moved through alternate pressure of the right and left foot. A torsion spring provides the right amount of wobble when you walk or jump on it. Starter is great as a warm-up; the pulse speeds up and the legs get pumping before further adventure in HAGS Agito. Starter can also accommodate two at a time, with each choosing a side to step on.

  • AG Tornado
    AG Tornado

    AG Tornado
    An exciting way to discover your own strength. By using their own body in relation to Tornado’s axle, users can propel themselves around at a faster and faster speed. The principle is not unlike a swing – every time you come round, you gain even more speed. If you have the courage to lean further back, dizzying experiences await.

  • AG Tournament
    AG Tournament

    AG Tournament
    Tournament is the ultimate combination for playful competition between friends. A chance to challenge each other to reach different positions first. Or: who can stay sitting the longest? Thoughts turn immediately to a real pillow fight or “King of the Castle”. Tournament is a playful way to challenge each other, and perhaps Agito’s most distinct competition function.

  • AG Web
    AG Web

    AG Web
    A starting point in play – for a short rest or renewed activity. Like Web Link but without the horizontal net.

  • AG Cirrus
    AG Cirrus

    AG Cirrus
    Hang by the knee in a brand new way! The Cirrus rings have been designed to be able to swing – the swinging movement means that the user experiences the same resistance as the ring. The greater the swinging movement, the greater the resistance. The Cirrus rings can, of course, also be used for arm training. Two people using the rings at the same time just makes it more fun.

  • AG Glider
    AG Glider

    AG Glider
    In its shape and volume, this peculiar glide replicates the feeling of sitting on a horse – but that’s where the similarity ends. The slope of the glide is optimized for a smooth descent as well as for unconventional climbing options: on the back, stomach or backwards. The glide is one way of investigating the body’s potential in an action-packed situation. Again, it’s a question of balance and above all, creativity.

  • AG Hopper
    AG Hopper

    AG Hopper
    A play function reminiscent of a kangaroo. Like stones in the water, welcoming platforms are located at points around the Agito system. There are often several in a row, and they can function as both a separate challenge and a connecting link in the loop. The platforms, which are available in various heights, are slightly flexible. A bushing in the attachment provides a pleasantly resilient feeling and is thus gentle on legs and joints.

  • AG Leaf
    AG Leaf

    AG Leaf
    Inspired by a leaf blowing in the wind, Leaf swings as a person moves over its surface. It is covered in rubber to provide a better grip. Coordination and balance are more important than raw strength.