Agito Sting

Игра - Agito - 8022883

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Информация об изделии

  • Название

    Agito Sting

  • Артикул # 8022883
  • Артикул # (старый) 144503GRBM
  • Возраст 5-12
  • Цена Связаться с HAGS

Техническая информация

  • Время сборки 26 часы
  • Длина 9800 mm
  • Ширина 5700 mm
  • Высота 3080 mm
  • Вес 825.82 kg
  • Объем 6.77 m³
  • Высота возможного падения 2500 mm
  • Ширина зоны безопасности 10300 mm
  • Длина зоны безопасности 13000 mm
  • Safety Area 87 m²
  • Способ установки Loose Fill
  • Узнать больше о способе крепления



Material kg %
Zink (electro-galvanised) 0.2112 0.02
Polyurethane concrete 1.02 0.12
Stainless steel 3.4212 0.33
Polyamide (PA) 0.6536 0.06
Rubber 4.2124 0.4
Cast iron 1.13 0.11
Zink (hot-galvanised) 4.097 0.39
Polyurethane solid (PUR) 13 1.25
Polyurethane foam/flex 14 1.35
Recycled thermoplastics 18.212 1.75
Polyethylene (PE) 46.6827 4.49
HPL 97.6332 9.39
Untreated Steel 821.476 78.98
Polyeser PET 0.06 0.01
Powder coating polyester 15.3388 1.47
  1041.1 kg 100%

Игровые функции

  • AG Rungs
    AG Rungs

    AG Rungs
    The vertical Rungs climbing ladder is a slightly different way to get up into HAGS Agito. The angular shape makes it possible to climb on both sides and the width between the rungs is enough to allow children to wriggle between them. In addition to the actual climbing experience, Rungs is also a good link to the other play functions.

  • AG Branch
    AG Branch

    AG Branch
    A more demanding alternative to a normal ladder. The two slightly bent poles function like branches in a tree, the weight being transferred alternately to each leg in order to climb higher. The polyurethane balls provide support and function like natural forks in a tree.

  • AG Cliffhanger
    AG Cliffhanger

    AG Cliffhanger
    An exciting lateral climb that helps to develop personal abilities such as strength and coordination – different climbing routes have different degree of difficulty. The challenge is real without any increase in height. From the curvy middle, each pole runs over or under the actual climbing wall, for those who would prefer to hang by the knee!

  • AG Glider
    AG Glider

    AG Glider
    In its shape and volume, this peculiar glide replicates the feeling of sitting on a horse – but that’s where the similarity ends. The slope of the glide is optimized for a smooth descent as well as for unconventional climbing options: on the back, stomach or backwards. The glide is one way of investigating the body’s potential in an action-packed situation. Again, it’s a question of balance and above all, creativity.

  • AG Leaf
    AG Leaf

    AG Leaf
    Inspired by a leaf blowing in the wind, Leaf swings as a person moves over its surface. It is covered in rubber to provide a better grip. Coordination and balance are more important than raw strength.