Agito Q

Игра - Agito - 8022050

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Информация об изделии

  • Название

    Agito Q

  • Артикул # 8022050
  • Артикул # (старый) 144502GROM
  • Возраст 5-12
  • Цена Связаться с HAGS

Техническая информация

  • Время сборки 37 часы
  • Длина 6800 mm
  • Ширина 4300 mm
  • Высота 3080 mm
  • Вес 463.64 kg
  • Объем 5.8 m³
  • Высота возможного падения 2500 mm
  • Ширина зоны безопасности 7500 mm
  • Длина зоны безопасности 10200 mm
  • Safety Area 55 m²
  • Способ установки Above Ground
  • Узнать больше о способе крепления



Material kg %
Zink (electro-galvanised) 0.068 0.01
Polyurethane solid (PUR) 0.0938 0.02
Polyurethane concrete 0.34 0.06
Cardboard 0.7 0.11
Cast iron 0.44 0.07
Stainless steel 2.4695 0.4
Aluminium 4.4899 0.73
Polyamide (PA) 1.5463 0.25
Rubber 6.6555 1.08
Zink (hot-galvanised) 0.7367 0.12
Polyurethane foam/flex 11.2 1.83
Polyethylene (PE) 30.8432 5.03
Recycled thermoplastics 33.2775 5.42
HPL 60.2402 9.82
Untreated Steel 444.371 72.42
Powder coating polyester 16.4795 2.69
  614 kg 100%

Игровые функции

  • AG Punch
    AG Punch

    AG Punch
    The punch bag encourages exercise in a gentle, yet tough way; the slightly soft material is pleasant to hit. It hangs on a wire, the top of which has some flexibility while the bottom is fixed. The punch bag moves when hit, but be aware that it also returns to its original position due to resistance. If you are not prepared, you may get a shove.

  • AG Rungs
    AG Rungs

    AG Rungs
    The vertical Rungs climbing ladder is a slightly different way to get up into HAGS Agito. The angular shape makes it possible to climb on both sides and the width between the rungs is enough to allow children to wriggle between them. In addition to the actual climbing experience, Rungs is also a good link to the other play functions.

  • AG Sail
    AG Sail

    AG Sail
    A true main sail that awakens thoughts of climbing high above the sea. The obvious function as a ladder is supplemented by the huge openings – climb through from one side to the other. Although the play function is securely anchored, the user’s own movement pattern creates a feeling of wind in the sail.

  • AG Steep
    AG Steep

    AG Steep
    Steep is a vertical climbing wall offering a steeper climb up to Origo. The curve of the climbing wall strengthens the climbing experience as you move upwards and inwards at the same time. As you creep through the hoop in towards Origo, the height increases and the grip is in a more advanced location.

  • AG Trunk
    AG Trunk

    AG Trunk
    A challenging climb right into the blue that requires hand and foot coordination. The straight pole is similar to a tree trunk. Instead of finding support on knots and branches, the feet gain a foothold from the slightly flexible polyurethane balls.

  • AG Firemans pole
    AG Firemans pole

    AG Firemans pole
    Real action! Slide poles hasten all sorts of departures and provide a wonderful, tickly feeling in the stomach. The 2.45 metre height makes the speed exciting, but never dangerous. The pole is firmly attached to the ground and frame and has no moving parts.

  • AG Glider
    AG Glider

    AG Glider
    In its shape and volume, this peculiar glide replicates the feeling of sitting on a horse – but that’s where the similarity ends. The slope of the glide is optimized for a smooth descent as well as for unconventional climbing options: on the back, stomach or backwards. The glide is one way of investigating the body’s potential in an action-packed situation. Again, it’s a question of balance and above all, creativity.

  • AG Olink
    AG Olink

    AG Olink
    Nets are something new in the world of Agito. O Link is a classic climbing frame which also functions as a link up to Origo. The frame is manufactured from nylon-spun cable that is gentle on the hands and feet.

  • AG Origo
    AG Origo

    AG Origo
    Origo is the heart of the entire Agito system. A welcoming place high above the ground, accessible by both easy and difficult routes – exciting climbs using ladders, nets or some of our new climbing functions. From here, “the spider in the web” can get an overview of further play or take a nice, quiet break.