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HAGS iPhone приложение

April 2011

Теперь доступно. HAGS предлагает приложение iPhone "HAGS Vision".  В AppStore в строке поиска набери "HAGS Vision", загрузи приложение и попробуй его в действии (лучше это сделать в режиме WiFi из-за большого объема файлов приложения).

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HAGS new communication platform

April 2011

Together with the communcation agency Bolt we launched our new communication platform at the Sales Conference 2011.


Playfulness is HAGS approach to design, communcation and life in general. HAGS promotes fun, excitement, health and wellbeing.


2011 Sales Conference at Kolmarden

March 2011

The aim of the conference was to demonstrate the work that has been going on throughout 2010 by all the teams as a direct result of the feedback we received during the 2010 conference. At that event we heard loud and clear that your priorities were….New Products and New Website and Marketing material. These two requirements were considered by all to be essential to drive growth for us all.